Moringa Green Energy
A delicious, energizing green shot that helps to plant moringa trees and empower farmers in Haiti.

Now there is an easy new way for you to experience the reinvigorating power of moringa while supporting Haitian farmers.

Pre-order the Moringa Shots on Indiegogo

Kuli Kuli, the first company to sell moringa food products in the US, is teaming up with the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA), Timberland and the Clinton Foundation to create a Moringa Green Energy Shot. To get the funds necessary to launch this shot, SFA and Kuli Kuli created an Indiegogo campaign to raise the $100,000 necessary to make it happen.

Whole Foods
Help Make the Moringa Green Energy Shots Happen

The Moringa Green Energy Shot combines vitamin-rich Haitian moringa with green tea and delicious fruit flavors to provide a powerful green energy boost. Each shot is equal to a cup of coffee plus half a cup of leafy greens to power you through your day. Try it after a long hike or as a 4pm pick-me-up at the office. Every revitalizing shot you take helps to plant moringa trees and support smallholder farmers in Haiti.

If Kuli Kuli and the Smallholder Farmers Alliance can raise the funds necessary to launch the Moringa Green Energy Shots, Whole Foods Market has pledged to place the shots in their stores nationwide. This is an incredible opportunity for Haitian farmers to sell their products in the most prestigious grocery store chain in America!

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About Kuli Kuli

Kuli Kuli was founded by a former Peace Corps Volunteer to use moringa as a tool to improve nutrition worldwide. Through our last Indiegogo campaign, we launched our Moringa Superfood Bars into over 500 stores across the US, planting 60,000 moringa trees and providing a sustainable livelihood to 500 women farmers in Ghana. Now we want to do it again, launching a Moringa Green Energy Shot that will revitalize you while helping Haiti.

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How Does a Moringa Shot Benefit Haiti?

Haiti has lost 99% of its original forest, making it most at risk of climate disaster of any country in the world, largely due to deforestation. This shot will allow us to plant thousands of moringa trees; provide hundreds of Haitian farmers with a sustainable income and nutritious moringa leaves; all while bringing you a cool new product!

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